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Posted on: May 14, 2010 7:03 pm

LeBron and the Cavs = Ovie and the Caps.

Yeah, I just made an NHL/NBA connection. Both teams had the best regular season records and both were ousted before the conference finals. Both have the "best" player in the league Ovechkin/LeBron and both get compared to a guy who has won Championships Sidney Crosby/Kobe Bryant. But neither the Caps or the Cavs have the players surrounding the Star to win. Caps are close they got Backstrom, but the Cavs have tried several times and have been unable to find LeBron's Pippen. At first they thought LeBron could do it himself. He went to the Finals in the 2006-2007 season but was swept by the Spurs. And then he went to the Conference Finals in 2007-2008 season and despite Huge game from Bron the team fell short to the future NBA Champion Boston Celtics.Then people came back to earth and realized that EVERYBODY needs a team. Look at Kobe his always had a Robin,(Shaq,Pau) when hes won. Jordan had Pippen.  So they went and got him a shooting Point guard in Mo Williams but with him they still fell short to Orlando in the Conference Finals. Then theres this year, They tried everything they could to build around him...They got a shooter Anthony Parker, a big Shaq, a big name forward Jamison, and defender in Moon. But again to no avail they lose in 6 to the Celtics in the 2nd round. James had big games but to me and many people who watched it appeared as though he lost interest in the game. Maybe not quite "quitting" but close. It just appeared as though he was done with the team. This loss doesn't go to LeBron though because as much as they tried this team wasn't built to win. They were like the Capitals, a great Regular season team. But Great Regular season doesn't equal great postseason, you need to be gritty for that and the Cavs are not. So what does Bron do now. Is he done with the team his played with his whole career or does he stay and clean house and try to make the Cavs into a winner. Who knows? The MVP has some thinking to do, calls to make, and decisions to sign off on.
From now until July, people are gonna be asking "Where do you think LeBron is gonna go?" Well, obviously he has a lot of choices to make. But he really only has a few real options
1. Cleveland Cavaliers: He stays here because he love this place. Hes grown up here and played every home game in his career here. To stay obviously things have to change. Mike Brown would be gone, because LeBron needs a coach, not a yes man. LeBron would get to basically pick any coach he want to come in and take the team. I think for him to stay he would also need to convince another star to come play with him in Cleveland. Somebody like Tony Parker perhaps.
2.New York Knicks: He goes here because he want to be Larger than Life. You win a title in the New York and he is truly the King. Coming here would involve him trying to convince a Chris Bosh or a Dirk Nowitzki or a Amare Stoudemire to join him. Amare played with and thrived under D'antoni so that could be a great fit. Plus they have some nice talent. David Lee is a good 20-10 guy and their developing Danilo Gallinari into becoming a star in his own right.
3. Chicago Bulls: I think this is the longest shot. He comes here because Chicago is a big market with a great young point guard in Derrick Rose. I don't think he'll go here because it would take trades of Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich. Plus i don't think Joakim Noah and Brad Miller are the big guys Bron's looking for. And i don't think he's a big fan of Noah in the 1st place.
4. New Jersey Nets: I think this is the Best situation for him, but i don't know how realistic the chances are. Lets start with the owner, what better a splash to make in a new town for Mikhail Prokhorov, then to pull in LeBron. Talent wise this is also his best option. I think he finds his Pau Gasol/Pippen/Robin in Brook Lopez. He's a perfect compliment to LeBron he needs a big who can play Defense and score...look no further. Plus they have a potential 1st pick of the draft. So they bring in John Wall and pair him with Bron and Brook. They trade Devin Harris for a Joe Johnson or another piece and they continue to develop Terrence Williams who had a phenomenal 2nd half of the season. Plus here, like Cleveland and Chicago, he can pick his coach.
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